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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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things get heated after they approach a man with the gun, what officers did next to prevent anyone from getting seriously hurt. it is one of the most anticipated presidential debates in recent memory, steaks are high as donald trump and hillary clinton square off tonight for the first time. we will go live to hofstra university where final preparations are being made. eagles leaving very little doubt in the battle of pennsylvania. they took on the steelers. everyone is jumping on the went wagon this morning. we have reaction there players and fans from yesterday's big win. >> it was big. >> when you hold steel tours three points that is huge. good day it is monday september 26th, 2016. >> okay. if you still feeling good about eagles win yesterday, share your pictures, all of
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your excitement use the #fox 29 good day and look for them here. >> green grass on today. >> thank you, i tried. >> it is close enough. we cannot wear green because of the green screen. >> but we're all in wentzsylvania. >> and wentzsylvania feels like football wet they are morning. >> crisp, yes. it is so crisp, that is how it feels outside this morning. we will give you a nine out of ten. chilly morning, cloud coming in later on but bus stop buddy is ready, because he has his sweat shirt on for the first time, since school started, this year. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's, those 40's in the suburbs as you can see right the here 42 mount pocono. forty-eight in reading and lancaster. it is 48 in millville, new jersey. even in atlantic city international airport it is 49 . here in philadelphia temperature at the airport is 56 with a 6:53 is your sunrise time.
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we have to wait almost an her for that to happen. watching the cold front to the west bringing rain but not until tonight. you'll see increasing included today but you some sunshine early, and a high temperature of 75 degrees. is there your monday forecast, bob kelly, where is the problem this morning. >> we have a couple problems, already here sueby. 6:02. good morning. north bound lanes of i-95 at girard point double decker bridge this box truck is off to what would be the right lane and right shoulder. so from the airport area into center city look out for delays. problems on the 42 freeway in south jersey, 42 and 295 where they come together an accident involving an overturn tractor trailer. it is impacting both of the majors here, northbound 42, ramp to north 295 is blocked with the accident and as well north 295 coming from say paulsboro, swede bureau heading north in the freeway, that ramp is blocked as well. your best bet use the new
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jersey turnpike or black horse pike to kind of stay away from the traffic jam there this morning. lincoln drive southbound down to one lane between green and wayne through the end of the week, otherwise bridges and mass transit looking g the chris and lauren back over to you. heart pounding moments for police after an even counter with the gun man. >> officers in the frantic struggle to get suspect's weapon before someone got shot. lets go to dave kinchen live in glenside where this happened, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. prime example of what police officers face every day, the danger that can await them. we can tell thaw an abington township police officer has a shoulder injury and hard of hearing out of the one side of his head because of the firearm very close to his ear. investigators tell thus all started with a call from upper dublin police that there is an armed man walking away from his home, and going to commit suicide by copies what investigators tell us.
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officers could not find him until midnight and when they saw him walking down the street they stopped, talked with him and offered to drive him home. police did a routine pat down when they felt his gun at the time he pulled it out, and we're told a sergeant then dove in as the man struggled to get a held of the gun. police deliberate liz fired that weapon multiple times, and a total of five shots going off. >> somebody pulls out a everything happens so quickly and just such a scary situation obviously and the officer really took a risk, rat are than stepping back and drawing his weapon by diving at him and fighting with him over the gun. obviously he was taking a serious risk but he did it understanding that if he wasn't able to get that gun from him they probably were going to have to shoot and kill him and i admired his bravery for doing that and his dedication to trying to keep the the citizens safe who was suicidal and who he received a
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report which talk about suicide pie cop. >> reporter: police say they took him in a nearby hospital for a psyched evaluation, and we are told the sergeant injured in this case is receiving medical observation but is expected to be okay, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen live for news glenside, thank you. waking up to the sat nude that golf icon arnold palmer died. he died in pittsburgh yod due to heart problems. known as the king palmer won seven major championships including four masters title and in the golf hall of fame. he was men for philanthropic efforts and pioneer in sports marketing. he even has a drink named after him, arnold palmer half lemonade and half iced tea. he was 87 years old. much more on palmer's legacy including how he is remembered by fellow golfers and how he change the world of golf here in america coming up. eagles fans flying high after the the huge win over steelers yesterday. this was all eagles, from the beginning. how about this defense
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dominant, carson wentz had another great game, the team is now three-zero and they said they are in first place with the division. >> with each game wentz proving daughters wrong, check out daily news cover on a stale of one to ten, he is an 11. rookie quarterback and first time head coach forming a bond together for the birds. >> doug's great, coach pederson just for me the communication we have is so clear and just an open line and he respects my opinion about plays about something, i'm feeling something. he is justin stills a lot of confidence in me. >> so much more, of course, all morning long. sean bell will join us to tell us why he is now a believe inner sports in one minute and our eagles experts will be here to weigh in on just how far now this team can go. people throwing around the s word. >> oh, yeah. >> super bowl. >> kind of early. >> nrg stadium in houston coming up; in february. >> he cuts left, right, left,
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and breaks, for a touch town. hillary clinton and donald trump set to take the stage in the first big debate, first of three, this could be the most watched debate in political history. more than 100 million people expected to sit down and tune in at 9:00 tonight. >> our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university watch it live right here at 9:00 on fox 29 followed by a wrap up on fox 29 news, with ian and lucy. people in wilmington delaware grieving, they are planning tributes as well. >> members of the fire department are putting on brave faces and continuing to answer the call of duty after two of their own are killed in a house fire. sabina kuriakose is live, with more detail on this, hi there sabina. >> reporter: good morning lauren and chris. this morning we are expecting a procession of first responders and fire fighters from throughout the area as bodies of these fallen heroes are moved from the medical examiner's office, to their respective funeral homes. here are photos of the veteran
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fire fighters who died in the line of duty over the weekend, this is 51 year-old jerry fickes and 41 year-old lieutenant christopher leach killed in the line of duty as they rush in the burning home on saturday. we were there last night as black bunting was hung on fire fighters fickes locker. at his firehouse it the is now turned into a memorial, bunting has been hung on firehousees and engines throughout the city. we spoke with community members, who just stopped by to hand out cakes and give their condolences. two fire fighters in this community we will hear from them in a half an hour but i want to take you back out here live and show you we are standing outside of station six, engine six, this is lieutenant leach's firehouse and you can see they have black bunting on that firehouse as well, these fire fighters, they are in mourning, on saturday, my photographer and i passed this firehouse on the way to the scene not the far from here and we saw so many out, gathered with a look on their
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face told thaw something terrible had happened and as the day unfolded we realized exactly just how bad it it was, and four other fire fighters were injured in the fire, two remain in critical but stable condition at crozer's burn unit. in a half an hour we will hear from members of the community about what they are doing to support their department, during this tragic time, guys, back to you. tragic, and sad time, of course, thank you. tragedy in the world of baseball. one of the games rising stars ties way too soon, how marlins are remembering pitcher jose fernandes this morning. stage is set for one of the most anticipated debates in recent history, why the steaks are so high for donald and hillary tonight.
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his boat slammed in the jetty off the coast of miami. authorities say they are in the early stage of their investigation but they do this is believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. the 24 year-old escaped cuba as a teenager and was on his way to being one of the best in the game. >> the way he played... there is just joy with him when he played. >> fernandes and his girlfriend were expecting a
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baby girl together in the next few months. marlins cancelled their game yesterday. when you know his back story, what he went through as a young man trying to defect from cuba on a third attempt made to it mexico and then eventually to florida, amazing story, and then his little baby that he'll never meet daddy, that is most sad part of the whole story, baseball side. 6:12. first of the three debates are happening tonight how high steaks contest between hillary and donald could set momentum of the rest of the campaign. eagles making it hard to doubt them, why players believe in doug pederson and carson wentz. approve this message.
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let's talk politics we're coming down to the wire, tonight, presidential nominees hillary clinton and donald trump will battle it out at their first debate. both nominees are firing back at their critics for saying what they expect. >> expect? >> expectations could be the big operative word this morning hours from the first debate, doug luzader is live from the site of the debate at hofstra university. so what do you think, expectations, where are we right now, doug. >> reporter: chris and lauren, good morning. expectations game is always a big thing right before a
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debate as everybody tries to down play their candidate's performance and anticipated performance and play up the strengths of the opponent. so we are seeing some of that playing out. we are seeing some efforts to work it a little bit the but look, a lot is at stake here. they are talking about potential of 100 million people watching what happens inside this building, on tv tonight and if that is the case it would shatter previous record for a u.s. political debate. you know, this really could change the direction of the election. we always say that with debates but when you look at how close the polls are right and the tightening we have seen in this race both nationally and in the swing steaks there is a lot at stake tonight you mentioned moderator lester holt and donald trump erroneously called him a democrat last couple of days, he is corrected because lester holt has been a registered republican since about 2003.
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>> reporter: well, yes -- >> just because what you said about trump attacking the process more than anything. >> reporter: yes, there has always been this discussion about whether lester holt should engage in kind of on the fly back checking whether that is the proper role of the moderate error not but clinton folks really want to build pressure on lester holt to really go after donald trump and engages in any exaggerations or untruths. so, yeah, i mean listen, you you cannot envy the position that lester holt is in on this thing. we saw at the last kind of presidential town hall forum thing that nbc did, the kind of blow back that matt lauer got from clinton supporters. so yeah, if you are lester holt or any debate moderator you have to thread the needle. >> handful have of reporters
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from abc and cnn and chris wallace from fox will be moderator for the third and final debate so just a couple weeks before the election. tonight will be interesting. >> ninety minutes. >> only two in america not watching this already lauren johnson and myself because of the the hour, unfortunately. >> it is on kind of ovulate. 9:00 o'clock on the east coast, 90 minutes long, it is a long time. >> forty days from election day, doug luzader, thanks very much. so make sure that you at home if you are watching you you can rate your debate. use our fox 29 app, sign up there and, you know, lots of people watch in real time. >> this is cool our own bruce gordon will be live with coverage from hofstra university in our early evening newscast and watch it all live right here, of course at 9:00 o'clock on fox 29 followed up by a wrap up on fox 29 news with iain and lucy. >> just second ago have you watched tonight we want to necessity how you feel about what is happening, have your phone go to the the fox 29 news app, click on rate
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debate, event your your political party and agree or disagree with what the candidates are saying at any point in time and results will be in real time. >> we will wake up at 2:00 in the morning and read what you wrote. >> hi there, sue. >> yeah, that is how it will play out. that is cool though that you can do it while it is happening. 6:19 is the time. last time it rained around here was a week ago machine when we had that rain but that was all we got for the month really was an inch and three-quarters, we need about an inch and a third to get to normal. i think we will probably take care of that this week, because is there more rain on the the way but it won't come during the day to day. we have a cold front heading our way, where we will get clouds during the day but rain will in the come until nighttime, so temperatures are in the the 40's, and 50 a's, as you walk out the door this morning. we will get to a high of 75. tomorrow we have showers. we will get to 74. sunny and nice on wednesday with a high of 76, and then
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rain comes again, thursday, and friday, maybe even into saturday morning, we do need the rain though, and then we will clear things out in time for the weekend. the that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, it has been a adventurous monday. >> a lot going on here a lot of craziness. 6:20. live look at eastbound lanes of the the 30 bypass right here at route 282 for gang in chester county an accident, slow go as your drive on past that, south on i-95 we have an accident here, in the construction zone right at cottman avenue so we will go from three lanes down to two, into the squeeze, as you work your way south. now south on the northeast extension an accident just south of the quakertown, and a problem here on the 42 freeway right at 295 interchange in bellmawr. overturn tractor trailer and kind of the way it is situated it is causing delays on both 42 and 295, and the ramps from
6:21 am
northbound 42, to 295 north are blocked and so your best bet coming in towards philadelphia, be ready for a a delay and if you need to pick up 295, i'd use black horse pike. anyone coming north on 295 from say swedesboro, paulsboro, you will get jammed up, with this overturned tractor trailer, on the ramps your best bet, using the new jersey turnpike, as an alternate. here's a live look at the freeway, again, slower than normal coming in towards philadelphia, because of that accident on the ramps. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> did you hear eagles win yesterday. >> we're three and zero by the way. yesterday, was a big day where we beat a really good team, could there division rivals be the nfc keep up. see how they got some help. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
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good morning i'm sean bell. some people said eagles haven't played anyone including myself there is nothing to say anymore. pittsburgh steelers were one of of the favorite to go to the super bowl and eagles just man handled them, yesterday. doug pederson had a masterful game plan and carson wentz executed it to a t.
6:25 am
capping off a 12 play 28-yard drive, wentz to jordan matthews for 12-yard touchdown, eagles up zero to nothing. carson wentz find time and hit darren sproles wide open and sproles does the the rest. the takes it all the way to the house, 73 yards, eagles smashed steelers, 34-three. everybody now believes the eagles, have something special. >> everybody is starting to play inspired football, everybody believing in each other, it has been three great team wins. defense is playing phenomenal, special teams doing a great job and offensively we're doing our part. next up it is bye week so they get to chill and that is sports this a minute, i'm sean bell. eagles division rivals in action yesterday as well, cowboys playing the bears, in the late game, dax prescott looking good furkow boys. he picked up his first career touchdown pass late in the game. cowboys improved to two-one, one game behind eagles in the
6:26 am
division standings. >> as for other rivals redskins and giants playing each other in new york, eli manning had a tough game, throwing two interceptions, late in the game. the his teammates odell beckham junior not happy about turnovers at all, check him out, right there, wow 6789. >> is that is that what happens, washington beats new york, leaving eagles as only undefeated team in the nfc east. >> let's go undefeated. >> remember help we were like we're undefeated. >> yes. >> we're undefeated. >> yes. >> it has been three games. >> three games in a row. rot lessberg ber ten years ago as a rookie quarterback who carson wentz was compared to 12 and zero as a rookie, way back when, like 2004 i want to say. paying tribute to a legend from presidents and fellow golfers we will look at the legend arnold palmer. sabina kuriakose is in delaware for us, good morning to you.
6:27 am
>> good morning. >> reporter: the grief here in wilmington is palpable, you can see it every where you go, here outside of station six they have hung black bunt nothing honor of their fallen brothers, this morning a procession is planned to escort bodies of the two fallen fire fighters from the me's office to their respective funeral homes. coming up we will have much more on the lives and deaths have of these fallen heroes coming up in a few minutes.
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oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah boy. >> 73-yard for that touchdown. >> welcome to wentzsylvania. do we love carson wentz. >> i think if you didn't before you have to right now. >> i loved the defense too, malcolm and fletcher. >> i know. >> looking good. >> we're going to the super bowl folks, you heard it here first. >> police take down a man with the gun trying to a tack them how they were able to prevent situation from escalating. we are bracing for what may be one of the most watched political spectacleness u.s. history tonight first presidential debate between clinton and trump. why so much is on the line tonight. it is september 26th, 2016 as we are live at what will be the focal point, for so many millions of americans, 100 million americans are expect to watch two can states take the stage at hofstra university as they prepare for
6:31 am
the first of three debates. >> it will be interesting. we see them going back and forth in their own areas but they will be together side by side and that is what people want to see, body language, their responses to each other. >> we saw a much maligned, you know, commander in chief conversation that they had with matt lauer, but now one on one. donald trump says lets not have moderator lets go one on one. lester holt is there. sue serio, let's talk weather, on this monday. >> a chilly start, chillier then it was friday when we had 89 degrees on friday afternoon. well, now we're starting off with the the 40's and 50's. the first morning since school start that had bus stop buddy is wearing a sweat shirt. good idea really. look at the temperatures. 42 degrees in mount pocono. forty-eight reading. forty-three pottstown. here in philadelphia 56. same in dover but only 50 in wilmington. forty-eight in millville, new jersey. at the airport we have 56 degrees.
6:32 am
6:53 is your official time. it is starting to get light out. rain on the way but not until later on, tonight, so we will see a dry day, with a temperature in the mid 70's, and sun early, and clouds take over in the have afternoon and winds pick up in advance. just as soon as it gets cloudy but we will stay dry. we are down to 65 degrees as showers arrive. that is your fox cast for the the first monday in autumn. bob kelly, we have a few challenges today. >> couple challenges, 6:32. we will run them down on a monday morning. live look at 95 northbound right at girard point double decker bridge causing delays. southbound i-95 we just saw a what looks like an emergency vehicle motorcade heading from say bucks county all the way south on i-95. my guess is they are heading down to wilmington to pay their respects to those fallen
6:33 am
fire fighters we will see that heading down i-95 and that will cause delays with those brief stoppages heading through town. southbound on the extension an accident at quakertown, an accident on the 42 freeway ramp, to 295. north bound 42, ramp to 295 is blocked. your alternate because of this overturned tractor trailer you can use either the new jersey turnpike which will take you up and over you won't see any delay if you are trying to get in toward the city, freeway will be a mess, use black horse pike to get you up to the walt whitman and then to add to that southbound on 42 there is an accident at black horse pike. god bless you, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> thanks very much. in glenside a man is in custody after pulling awe gun out of abington police officers. they are getting the weapon way from the suspect. all this happening in the area of limekiln pike and mount carmel avenue around midnight, according to officials the three two-year old man was being questioned during a welfare check. all of a sudden he pulled out
6:34 am
the a gun. police frantically tried to get ate way, wrestling him to the ground. the gun fired five times but luckily bull deaths in the hit anyone. we are told one officer was injured in his shoulder during that scuffle. this morning investigation and mourning continues in wilmington, delaware. this is after two fire fighters died patheling a fire in the row home over the weekend. >> lets get out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose who is at the wilmington firehouse with more, hi there, sabina. >> reporter: we will step right out of the way here and i want to show you fire fighters outside of station six here, about to raise the flag outside of their station. this is one of the firehouse that he is lost a fire fighter over the weekend. you will perhaps see they will only raise it half staff because all of the flags here in town are lowered in honor of these fallen fire fighters. this is lieutenant christopher leach's firehouse. he was one of the fire fightes killed. we have photos. we will goat to just a second.
6:35 am
this is an incredible image of them raising the flag, and again, they will lower it to half staff, again, these fire fighters have black bunting hanging outside of their firehouse. it was lieutenant christopher leach of station six, engine six and then 51 year-old jerry fickes, a fire fighter at station four. they were both rushing to a scene not far from here sat take morning a row house fire, they entered the home we believe, that children were trapped inside, and their knicks reports and they were heading to do their job, that is when floor fell beneath them trapping them in the ruble and sadly two died. four others were injured and two of those injured fire fighters remain in critical condition but stable at crozer's burn unit. the as you mentioned bodies of the lieutenant leach and fire fighter fickes will be taken from the medical examiner's office to their respective funeral homes. procession of first responders from throughout the area we
6:36 am
are expect them to line the route and escort bodies of these heroes to honor them who made the ultimate sacrifice. fire officials here throughout the week have been telling us that they have been so moved by the outpouring of support from the community, they say so many people have stopped by, just to drop off cakes and give their condolences. we did speak with a few of those folks and here's what they told us. >> my heart goes out to the fire fighters who lost their lives and second of all despite all of this that helps people out in the community i had to pay my respects. i live right down the street. they have helped me out a lot since i have been in this neighborhood. >> i just wanted to show support to the firemen. we live right across the street here from the station four and found out what happened and my kids, you know, they loved the firemen. they come over from school and they support the school so i just wanted to give back. >> we hear them all day, all night going back and forth just doing their jobs. i know it is a job they had to
6:37 am
do but things like that do happen so we just feel sorry for them. >> back out here live, again, this is station number six, engine six where lieutenant christopher leach was stationed, i believe, for the last several years he was a 14 year veteran of the department. you can see on that engine black bunting hung in honor of their fallen brother, as we zoom out, pan over again, to the flag that is now at half staff, hanging outside of his fire station, this morning, they are preparing for one of the first steps as they move towards saying good bye to their fallen heroes, this morning, they are going to escort body of lieutenant leach and fire fighter jerry fickes, to their funeral homes, from the medical examiner's office where those bodies were taken as they were taken from the hospital, on saturday, and then again, we are still wait to go hear word updates on the condition of two other fire fighters who we were told are in critical but stable but they were injured
6:38 am
on saturday as well. >> in the meantime our thoughts go out to the leach and fickes family. is a bean, thank you. it appears that the race in pennsylvania has tightened in the race for the white house a cording to the latest poll, hillary clinton is at 44 to donald trump's 41 percent. >> they will face off in their first presidential debate, catch action live from hofstra university in new york, this is first of three debates where donald trump and hillary clinton will square off. topics are america's direction, achieving prosperity, and securing the country. make sure that fox 29 is your home for this debate. our bruce gordon will have live coverage from hofstra university. watch it all live, on fox 29 at nine followed by a wrap up from our team here, lucy, and while you're watching live, right, have your phone out and go to the the fox 29 news app and click on rate the debate, enter your political party to agree or disagree what the candidates say anytime. vice-president joe biden will be in our area tomorrow
6:39 am
in a special occasion national voter registration day. he will appear at drexel university. he will push for people to register to vote ahead of the october deadline. biden will be campaigning for hillary clinton. >> he was just here for the eagles home opener a couple weeks ago do you remember that. >> yes, he was. eagles now celebrating their one, two, three, third straight win. >> it was a blow out too against a really good team. first of the teams that we have played that is strong, pittsburgh steelers for the first time in more than 20 years eagles remain undefeated, everyone jumping on the wentz wagon as president obama said during a cam paper rally here along ben franklin parkway a couple weeks ago. look at the daily news, yeah, on a scale of one to ten, 11. of course, carson wentz is number 11. star rookie quarterback with a big grin on his face, hard to believe he is still in the first month of his professional career. eagles defense is amazing,
6:40 am
sending steelers home with their head hanging low they scored just three points. the lets go to the highlights of the game and it started off with this right here. the nice pass, right there. this was a 12 play, 82-yard drive, jordan matthews for 12-yard touchdown. third quarter darren sproles is going to get pass from the scrambling wentz and then he will juke left, he will go right, number 28 is just lost and go right in the end zone. >> wentz will go 23 of 31 for 301-yard, seven of which you a saw on that play. two touchdowns, no interceptions, he hasn't been intercepted all season. the in the end eagles demolish the steelers 34-three, then he tweets out this, by he i mean carson wentz, got to love playing at home, appreciate the way the linc was rocking tonight. another great team win.
6:41 am
>> it was far get for him a few months ago. >> now philly. >> they only play within more time until november. >> bye week this coming sunday and then detroit next game. little girl battling a brain tumor is not facing ate loan. how a local community is rallying around her. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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6:44 on this monday morning. we have not had as much rain as we should have but we should be able to take care of it over next couple of days. we need an inch and a third of rain to come to normal. it was a pretty dry, july and august, and now that kind of extended in to september but thanks to that cold front that you see up to the north and west we should get some rain but not until after dark for most of us, you can see cloud rolling in at 3:00 o'clock and starting to get cloudier by sunset which is closer to 7:00 d then we will see the rain starting by nine, ten, 11:00 o'clock lasting into tomorrow morning and then lingering to the south of us as that cold front stalls. at the jersey shore down southern delaware you may see it rain all day tomorrow and some of us will see it clear up. nine out of ten even with the cloud cover 75 degrees. tomorrow showers in the morning for us here in
6:45 am
philadelphia and high of 74. for mostly on wednesday it should be sunny and nice and then rain returns on thursday, friday maybe saturday, we will see what happens with that but we do need the rain. bob kelly, what is going on. >> here's motorcade of fire fighters i was telling but heading south on i-95. they came out of bucks county taking out what would be the left lane, about 30 to 40 everything from police cars, fire trucks, and you have the big tour buses here again, all heading south on i-95, eventually, down toward wilmington. here's a live look at i-95 right at the stadium area. anyone heading south past the airport or heading down into wilmington just watch they are not causing delays but they are in the left lane, and just doing the speed limit south on i-95, live look at cottman avenue. delays on the schuykill expressway, both directions between conshohocken and king of prussia you are typical
6:46 am
volume delays this morning. we don't have have any sun glare just yet south on the extension a quash at quakertown but problems in new jersey a tractor trailer accident has ramp from route 42 north to the ramp to go 295 north right there in the construction zone and in bellmawr. so for anyone coming from the south and you typically use 295 we're jam upright where all those ramps come together here at 42 and 295. use new jersey turnpike if you are going north or south and then 42 north coming in toward the city will be jammed. use the black horse pike route 168 and that will give you access to 295 as well. chris and lauren, back over to you. let's talk football. eagles face their toughest test have the the year yesterday and boy, did they come up, big. blocking an attempted field goal there, how about that, this eagles defense is amazing. carson wentz led the way, throwing for 301-yard, two
6:47 am
touchdowns, defense dominant, four sacks, two turnovers, fletcher cox is god, coach doug pederson is first eagles coach to win his first three games with the eagles. >> where do we live now. >> we live in wentzsylvania and we want to welcome dave uram to pennsylvania, wip 94.1. you have never been to wentzsylvania before. >> a parentally not because i'm glad to be here because it is a lot of fun. >> you reside in the philadelphia area but you have never been to wentzsylvania. >> no. >> explain this. >> do you see these notes? every day notes, the notes from today. maybe not. this is a plate, and i didn't come prepared because i was than the prepared for this. but this is a plate and pretend this is a nice serving of crow on on it and i'm eating the serving of pray you can eat feathers and tall ons do. >> i didn't expect this. >> i don't think a lot of people did. >> the thing that vices me is
6:48 am
not so much his talent but poised, playing controlled with that talent and how much he is dominating right now. bigger shock to me pregnant, doug pederson, i say pregnant pause because he pause is a lot during his press conferences. pederson is excellent. he is unsung hero. wentz is great but lost in all of the wentzsylvania it is doug pederson. aggressive play caller. he is creative. he is not, unpredictable like chip kelly was. doug pederson to me is no longer pregnant pause pieder he is doug i play call. >> it is what he did in the off season bringing in jim schwartz. >> that helped. >> he was with detroit. >> he wasn't with the a team last year with the detroit and buffalo bills where he was very good. >> they have changed from 3/4 to 4/3 and it changed everything. the defense is unexpectly great. >> that is one thing i'm not sure about. i believe this, i predict six
6:49 am
wins. they are halfway there. i predict six wins and even they they would have six wins they would be in a lot of these games because of the defense. the defense would keep them close but i didn't have high expectations for offense. the defense is playing outstanding. fletcher cox, bennie logan, brandon graham, connor barwin getting pressure. malcolm jenkins was reincarnation of brian dawkins yesterday. >> he played with a vengeance. >> they kept saying, we are seeing future now for us. >> future is now, they are in first place in the nfc east. future cannot be more than here. >> why did all of the experts including yourself have this so wrong? everyone had this team at six and ten at best. >> okay. well reason why i had it so wrong because i didn't believe in doug pederson. i said on 94 wip and right here in this seat if the eagles hire doug pederson. i'm doomed he got ranked as worst coach in the the nfl going in to this season.
6:50 am
>> andy reid 2.0 because that is his mentor. he is nothing like andy reid. he gives good answers during press conferences. he is respectful, likable and he mixes things up which reid never d chip kelly never d doug pederson is outstanding. >> it is like a whole new team but different football this season compared to last year. >> another reason i believe in this team is because how howie roseman has construct the teams in the past, i didn't feel there was enough play makers on offense. i'm skeptical about that. but look at that play. i can, that was carson wentz is only person who could make that play to darren sproles. sam bradford is having a great season and they would probably be three-zero if sam bradford were here. they cannot make that play. >> biggest loss for mike tomlin in his career. >> never lost by 30-point before. >> that was. >> you know what, i say howie
6:51 am
roseman fantasy football general manager, i'm sorry, howie, i was completely wrong. >> on a scale of one to ten, ten being most, how much do you miss chip kelly. >> no, zero. zero. >> thanks for coming in. >> sure. >> we have a bye week this coming week. >> i pick against the eagles every single week so against cleveland browns too. i pick cleveland browns. i cannot pick eagles now. >> you are three and zero. >> i'm going to pick detroit. >> would you well him to wentzsylvania. >> i can't pick eagles. >> get out of here. get out of here. a little girl is battling a a brain tumor. she's now facing this fight but not alone. how a local community is helping rally around her. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
6:52 am
6:53 am
joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
6:54 am
a community is coming together sending prayers and raising money for a neighbor diagnosed with a brain tumor. hundreds came out for a block party at belgrade and clearfield in port richmond for seven year-old philomena. they are using #pray for phil and soaring in the heavens to
6:55 am
support this girl. neighbors are organized to help this cause. >> it is a unique community. such great friends. this little girl in the same situation, and to get a result like that but with port richmond and surrounding area we're a very tight community. >> flyers general manager ron hextall, and soccer pro carli lloyd also showed their support for little philomena. all right. bracing for what is, sure to be one of the most watched political events in u.s. history. the first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton why so much is on the line tonight. but first dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> reporter: eagles are three and zero. this town is excited. we are talking to fans of the bird all across town after the break.
6:56 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you?
6:57 am
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
6:58 am
priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ >> birds fans flying high just like their team. >> he sproles goes to the right and yes takes it home for the touchdown.
6:59 am
>> the eagles turn what was speaksed to be a tough match up into an easy blow out to stay undefeated and move into first place. why it is time for everybody to get on board the wentz wagon. >> one stage, two podiums, 90 minutes on the clock, one of the most anticipated presidential debates in recent history. donald trump and hillary clinton prior to face off in hofstra university. why there is so much at stake for both candidates tonight. a man pull ace gun, how officers jumped in to action when they saw the weapon. legendary golfer, arnold palmer has died. he was so dominant in his support and simply known as the king. this morning we will look back at his career that transcends the sport. >> all right. i'm sure you are waking up still feeling good about the eagles big win a lot of pictures are coming on twitter, facebook, social media in general, how cute is this one, right.
7:00 am
>> ahh. >> thanks eric for send ago this in making our day. >> brian sent this in eagles win taste good. >> what? that coffee. >> celebrate, this is the best. warren found this one. >> wentzsylvania, welcome you. >> yes. >> officially moved yet. sue, someone else just said regardless of what you say the number is, it is a ten because we are flying high. >> the moodies a ten, to take and we have got a nine because we will get clouds and little chill toy start it the is a ten. >> yes, you can make it whatever you want it to be. bus stop buddy is here, with us, a jacket on. a good idea to wear either sweater, quitter shirt or something this morning because temperatures are in the the 40's and 50's. we have four two-way up in the mountains. forty-eight in lancaster. the trenton 47. 49 degrees in wilmington and then, atlantic city the at the airport it t


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